Communicate with your community

We provide community platforms free of advertisements with all features you know from Social Media but private.
Communication by chat & videoconference up to 75 people at once.
Community groups and events.
Used by Enterprises, Organisations and the Music industry. 

Plans for Your Community Platform

Music Community Platform

Invite all your fans to your Music Community!

Sport Community Platform

Let's Talk about sport!

Influencer Community Platform

Connect the people that LOVE your brands.

All platforms can be ready and online in 7 business days!

Please contact sales for more information and prices.

Community Platform Marketing

Use social media to get new members for your #Community.
After registration you can contact them by e-mail, chat, videoconference or platform posts.

Community Platform users, fan's or members.

Determine your target group and revenue model before you start building your #Community. 

Community Platform Balance

Average costs are 2% for a #Community platform with a membership model.

#Community membership example: 

  • 5000 Users / Members X € 5,00 per month = € 25.000,-  X 12 months = € 300.000,- per year

What is so GREAT about our platforms?

Our clients are in control and it’s private.
Direct contact with Your Community.
Free of advertisement.
No high costs involved to reach your community.

Community, Communication and Videoconference Solutions

 - Our Community Customers -

For Questions & Information, our Team is here to help you!